In 1953, Mr. Erwin Winters established the business in Toronto, Canada, under the name “Winters Thermogauges.” The company later became known as Winters Instruments. We have been manufacturing quality-built instrumentation for all markets requiring pressure and temperature measurements. In its early years, we would roll Bourdon tubes, thermometers and dials by hand. Through the years, the company has grown in size and reputation, even acquiring a few companies such as Canada Gauge (1994), Versa Gauges (2000) and a few more in 2002, making us a leading global manufacturer of industrial instrumentation.

CAM Valves

1958-To satisfy the growing demand from the regional companies, the brothers Angelo and Pietro Brignoli found the Mechanical workshop “Brignoli Alessandro”. The Company “CAM” becomes a general partnership and moves to the current production site. In 1978 CAM, operating in various industrial machining sectors, develops its know-how in the automotive segment. The production plant is expanded. The steady growth leads to a variation of the Company assets: CAM becomes a joint-stock company.

Unicorn Valves

We, UNICORN VALVES PRIVATE LIMITED (UVPL), a Control Valve manufacturing organization based in Coimbatore, South India, is a registered private limited company and is operational from the year 2008. All our directors have extensive market experience and are well-versed with the latest manufacturing technology and quality concepts in Control Valve Industry. Our team with qualified and experienced professionals guiding the competent young engineers has made it possible to deliver quality products with precision Engineering to process Industries in Oil & Gas, Power, Water, Pharma, etc.